Seth Kriebel

Thu 28 Feb

Before we begin, I should warn you: This story ends with a dragon.
But every story ends with a dragon. If you make it to ‘Happily Ever After’ and there isn’t a dragon nearby… the story isn’t over yet.

Seth Kriebel’s Beowulf invites you to explore the world of a legendary story from our ancient past from a contemporary perspective. An evocative soundscape accompanies your journey through strange lands, discovering forgotten monsters and bringing a Viking hero’s tale back to life 1,000 years after his adventures.

Each show is unique, guided by the choices of carefully selected members of the audience, illuminating the original epic and asking why, after all these years, we still tell each other stories about monsters that lurk in dark.

‘Delivers both laughter and poetry. ★★★★’
The Stage

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Thursday 28 February, 7.30pm
Tickets £10/£8 concession

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