Improv Gym Masterclass – Longform Workout

With Jason Delplanque & Sarah Davies

Sat 17 Feb - Sat 24 Feb

An afternoon focussed on the skills and techniques you need in order to perform longform improvisation. Become a better listener; practice spontaneity and enrich your performance skills.

You will experience a series of exercises, games and formats in order to create a longer piece of improvised theatre by using various suggestions. Create deeper and richer scenes through character work, identifying connections, and building patterns. There will be an emphasis on play and fun throughout the workshop!

Longform improvisation shifts away from self-contained games moving towards a more fluid and versatile type of improvised theatre. If you have already tried some improv, and want to learn more, then this is the workshop for you!

Class Dates
Saturday 24th February 2017 - 1pm to 4pm

£25 per class

Booking essential! Space limited to 12

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